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Designing and implementing a successful purchasing program doesn’t have to be a painful process. However, it does take some thought and time to plan. Here are a few things you can do now to improve your purchasing program and start saving money as you begin to improve your purchasing practices:

  1. Don’t take relationships for granted.  You may have been working with the same salesperson for years, but this doesn’t mean he or she has your best interest in mind. The truth is, everyone has his or her own best interests in mind.  Don’t be complacent just because it’s what you’re used to. Comparing costs is good idea annually.  More frequently might require spending dollars to save pennies.
  2. Spot-check your deliveries.  If it is sold by count, count it; if it is sold by weight weigh it. Time spent negotiating a great deal is wasted if you don’t receive the right product at the price you agreed to.  These mistakes are costing you money.
  3. No purchase is complete until it is paid for.  Vendor financing can be very costly.  It’s important to understand that the price you pay and the quality of service you receive are affected by your willingness to pay within the terms you have agreed to.


Improving your purchasing practices takes some time, but if the time is invested wisely, you will see the dividends.  Money you save in purchasing tends to flow directly to your bottom line.  You can avoid the hassle of following other more complicated steps in addition to the ones listed here by letting the Best Western MarketPlace handle it for you. The Best Western MarketPlace is designed exclusively for Best Western and provides a complete purchasing solution for all your food and beverage procurementneeds so that you can focus on your guests!