First there was room service. Then mini bars arrived on the scene. Today, travelers want to find a convenient little pantry right off the lobby. These pantry markets allow guests to select snacks, meals and beverages when they want it. Now, hotels are kicking things up a notch and adjusting the pantry market to adapt to the constantly changing preferences of hotel guests. One of the perks of staying at a hotel, aside from having someone make up your bed for you, is having the ability to head down to the hotel lobby and simply pick out what you’d like to eat or drink without the hassle of placing an order, waiting for the order…all the while required to sit at a table in a restaurant. If bolting out to see the sites or meet with customers, a traveler may prefer to grab a cup of coffee and protein bar. The pantry market is a simple and fast way to give your hotel guests the snacks, meals, beverage and sundry items. Some of the finer details have been refined by the front runners in this trend. Here’s what we found:

1. Combine forces of the convenient snack with the freshly cooked meal. Previously, guests who found their way to the pantry market normally left moderately disappointed with the packaged snack options that were available. Now, hotels are providing a much greater variety including delicious packaged meal options for their guests. Simply select your meal, heat it up, and enjoy in the café, poolside or in your room. Some times after running around all day, there isn’t anything better than dinner and a movie in your hotel.

2. Follow the trends with organic and gluten free. Today, people are becoming much more health-conscious, opting for healthier foods and beverages. As a result, hotel guests are asking more detailed questions about the foods available to them: Where does it come from? How is it prepared? What’s the portion size? What’s the calorie count? By stocking your market pantry with organic foods, you can greatly increase guest satisfaction and improve guest loyalty. Plus, you’ll have a competitive advantage over those hotels that don’t have these options for their guests.

3. It’s all about comfort food. Healthy options are on the rise – but there seems to be a renewed interest in comfort food. Why? Because comfort food reminds the travellers of home and family. Additionally, these types of foods are usually easy to fix, affordable and satisfying – always a huge advantage. A nice, big bowl of mac n’ cheese is perfect for some travelers who arrive exhausted by their journey!

4. Desserts are moving up. Desserts – another branch on the comfort food family tree – have never been the most popular items in hotels. However, as of recently there seems to have been a turn-around, sending dessert sales to spike. Milk and chocolate chip cookies or rich and creamy Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream are sure to keep guests happy.

The expectations of your guests are constantly twisting and turning, leading to new trends and preferences arising on a regular basis. The Best Western MarketPlace can help you stock your pantry market with the food and beverage products that satisfies your guests, keeps you up-to-date on what’s up and coming and provides a revenue stream. Visit the Best Western MarketPlace website to see how we can improve your purchasing power and increase your guest satisfaction!