Even with the best quality linens and the most impressive ocean view, a hotel will not succeed without high guest satisfaction. Before booking a room, travelers search the Internet for hotel ratings from previous guests – the ultimate determinant of where to stay. Moreover, a guest who checks out satisfied is more likely to become a repeat customer. Here are five tips to help increase guest satisfaction at your establishment.
1. Great customer websites improve guest experience. Guest satisfaction is more than just human interaction; it’s also affected by your online presence. Customers tend to get their first impression about hotels online, so it’s no surprise that the most successful hotels have an attractive, easy-to-use website. Hotel websites with photos, clear directions with maps, nearby points of interest, restaurants and reviews will attract and keep the attention of potential guests. Be sure to also provide a direct phone number to the hotel in case the customer has any questions that aren’t answered by the website. The team member who handles the phone calls should be friendly, helpful and well versed in the policies and amenities of the hotel.

2. Guest satisfaction improves when you know your customer. Guest satisfaction goes beyond surveys and customer satisfaction tips. Knowledge of the customer base is vital. A guest who plans to stay at a beachside resort has different expectations than a guest staying in a lodge in the mountains. Once you understand the needs of the guest, you are then able to cater to those needs and gain customer loyalty.

3. Improve guest satisfaction by addressing complaints quickly. Service recovery is the last line of defense to your guest satisfaction. Requests and complaints come in online, by phone, email or in person. By addressing these requests quickly, you will receive fewer complaints. When asking the hospitality staff for an extra pillow, blanket or batteries for a dead remote, quick service is expected. Waiting an hour or more for these requests may result in a bad hotel review for not caring or slow service. Quick service can lead to a positive online review from a guest.

4. Train your staff on improving customer service. A well-trained staff who understands the importance of teamwork will help a hotel run more smoothly, translating to higher guest satisfaction. The goal of all staff members should be guest satisfaction, so they should be well trained in managing complaints, and preventing complaints in the first place.

5. Track, analyze and report on guest satisfaction. Guest satisfaction will often times be tied to your level of customer communication. By creating a dialogue with customers, hotel management can see strong points and weak spots in customer service. You can gather feedback through online reviews as well as review cards from rooms and front desk logs. These references prove to be helpful in staff meetings, training, and implementing policies and procedures. There are a number of customer satisfaction tools available to you, such as an analysis of how customers book their stay and what led these guests to choose a particular hotel over another.

The hotel industry is very competitive, so having high guest satisfaction is key in running a successful establishment. Guests tend to have high and consistently changing expectations, but the Best Western MarketPlace stays up-to-date on the latest trends and customer needs in order to keep you in the know. To learn more about how we can help your business, check out our Enrollment Guide.