Travelers who are hunting for a place to stay are searching for more than just a good price. As trends in the hotel industry change, the importance of sustainability is becoming increasingly important, not only to hoteliers, but to hotel guests as well. Green hotels are more attractive to travelers, showing a concern for the environment, which can mean a higher quality establishment. There are a few steps you can take to make your hotel more sustainable, which will lead to an increased number of guests and greater guest satisfaction. Recent reports have shown that implementation of the appropriate management processes, you can achieve:
• Reduced energy and water consumption costs by more than 20 percent.
• Reduced solid waste and wastewater disposal costs by more than 15 percent.
• Improved quality of the environment in which you operate.
• Improved staff motivation and community relations.

By practicing the following green practices at your hotel, you will be able to avoid unnecessary costs such as pollution prevention, energy consumption, and recycling.

1. Consider using compact fluorescent lights in order to save energy.
2. Reuse of linens in order to save water, detergent, energy and greenhouse gases.
3. Provide your showers with low-flow shower systems in order to save water and energy.
4. You can use local products in order to save transportation costs.
5. Install green roofs to conserve energy.
6. Install solar heaters or other renewable energy sources to conserve energy.

By incorporating these practices, you are reducing hotel operational costs and harmful environmental impacts. Plus, you will receive higher reviews because of your green efforts, which may even lead to loyal guests who appreciate your efforts in sustainability. The Best Western MarketPlace keeps you informed of the latest trends in the hotel industry and the needs of modern guests so that you can adjust your operations and adapt accordingly. To learn more about how The Best Western MarketPlace can benefit your operations, visit our website.