As a general manager, your job is to ensure that your operations are running efficiently and producing profits. In order to be successful as a hotel manager, there are several qualities that you should possess; they must be leaders, communicators, and decision makers. Whether costs exceed profits or you notice a decline in revenue and occupancy, you are ultimately responsible for everything that has gone wrong. Consider following these eight management tips to be the best possible general manager and ultimately achieve your operational goals.

1. Treat your Employees Right. When it comes down to it, your employees are your most valuable assets, so it’s important to ensure they are treated with respect and dignity. If they are happy, it will show in their work and result in better customer service.
2. Encourage Employees to Surpass Expectations. Making your employees feel like they are part of a team that is working toward a common goal will encourage them to do their best work. To promote working as a team, offer a suggestion box for your employees to give ideas. When they feel that their opinions are being heard, they will strive to perform better.
3. Acknowledge and Reward Outstanding Performance. If your employees are showing great performance in their work, let them know that you have noticed – just a few kind words can go a long way. For exceptional work, you may want to consider offering a paid day off or an Employee of the Month certificate to an outstanding employee each month.
4. Be a Good Communicator. It’s vital to ensure you are being clear and positive to everyone when expressing what tasks need to be completed. There is no need to yell or threaten employees to complete something – this will just discourage you employees and result in poor performance. Instead, be calm, but firm, and give your employees the opportunity to ask questions so that they know exactly what to do.
5. Be Available. Take some time during the day to step out of your office and walk around the hotel. Acknowledge others, saying hello to housekeeping and introducing yourself to the guests. By having a warm and friendly presence, you are reassuring your employees and showing guests that you are determined to make their stay a pleasant one.
6. Identify and Fix Problems Quickly. If a guest isn’t satisfied with something, it’s crucial to fix the issue in a timely manner. Otherwise, the guest may leave with a bad taste in their mouth and possibly leave a bad review for your establishment. Even minor issues, like providing a television remote for a room or replacing a burnt out light bulb, can be grounds for a guest to be dissatisfied. Have a checklist of maintenance problems and make sure that an employee handles them promptly.
7. Pay Attention to Small Details. As previously stated, even the little things matter, so they shouldn’t be discounted. Even such small details as touching up the trim on a doorframe or displaying the shampoos and soaps nicely in a basket can make guests stay that much better.
8. Pay Careful Attention to Whom you Hire. Hiring the best-qualified employees is key to maintaining and improving the efficiency and success of your hotel. During the hiring process, be sure to search for applicants with a positive attitude first and then decide based on their experience and skills. A person may be perfectly qualified, but a negative attitude can turn a guest off, setting a tone for the rest of their stay with you.

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