Digital marketing evolves constantly as technology advances. In order to keep you up to date with the developments in digital marketing, we have provided you with a list of the latest hotel marketing trends for 2014.
1. The growth of mobile. Expect to see mobile hotel bookings continue to grow throughout 2014 – it’s predicted that 50 percent of online bookings will be made with mobile devices by 2017.
2. Embrace video. The use of video is rapidly increasing – last year, 81% of online travel bookers referred to videos before making purchases.
3. Customized remarketing. The majority of people who visit a website leave the page without converting. Remarketing allows you to target these people and bring them back. This year will introduce more customized remarketing audiences.
4. Online travel agencies versus direct bookings. Travelers go through dozens of sites before finally booking a stay. For 2014, meta-search, social media and a strong brand website will give you a competitive advantage over OTAs so that you gain more direct bookings.
5. Semantic search. This year, search will improve with semantic search, which will improve search accuracy by considering searcher intent.
6. Social media marketing. It’s time to increase website traffic by embracing social media. Now more than ever before, search engines are favoring social media sites within search results.
7. The growth of Google Plus. Google Plus is expected to be the social network for SEO growth during 2014 – developing into Google Carousel, local searches and Google Now
8. Increased use of analytics. Google Analytics improvements released in recent months allows marketers to get deeper into analytics this year.
9. Geo-targeting. The growth of geo-targeting is set to take off throughout 2014. Hoteliers should see the potential with this targeted marketing method.

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