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When searching for ways to improve guest satisfaction at your business, you may often find plenty of tips that sound good, but may not be right for your establishment. Rather than listing the same old advice to keeping your guests happy, we’ve decided to provide you with real-world guest satisfaction tips that will get your guests to take notice. Your goal is to provide an experience that is better than expectation, and these tips will accomplish this while creating value for your customers so that they become loyal guests.

  1. Train your front-desk staff in the two magic marketing questions: ‘What brings you to the area?’ and ‘How did you pick this specific hotel?’ By receiving answers to these questions, you have a better understanding of where your guests are coming from and what exactly you’re doing right.
  2. Communicate. Train your staff to make eye contact with the guest. Remember to smile first, and then speak. First impressions are key, of course, so a cheerful initial interaction sets a pleasant tone for the rest of the guest’s stay.
  3. Anticipate. Train your staff to anticipate guest needs, just as restaurant servers can anticipate that customers ordering French fries might want ketchup. If you notice that a guest is glued to their phone, you may want to provide them with a WiFi code. For a guest carrying maps, ask if you can provide them with directions somewhere. All of these things can be anticipated, and even the smallest gestures can make a difference.
  4. Respond: Teach your staff that if a guest approaches them with an issue, they have two options: fix it, or find someone who can. Don’t leave your guest with a problem that has been unaddressed. Do what you can to resolve it.
  5. Have enthusiasm: Enthusiasm is contagious and should be portrayed at all times. If you appear to be enthusiastic about your work, your guests will take notice and unknowingly become happier as well.
  6. Compliment associates in public: When you say, Joseph at the front desk knows all the best restaurants in town,’ in front of guests, that associate will strive to live up to those expectations in order to receive that compliment again.

Give us your feedback and  let us know what tips you have to help improve guest satisfaction in the comments below. The Best Western MarketPlace works to give you the best advice in order to help your hotel be successful and run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Download and read our Enrollment Guide to learn more about the Best Western MarketPlace Program and how it can benefit your hotel.