There are many aspects of hotel stays that will never change – good service, clean rooms, comfortable beds – but brand executives are continuing to monitor their guests’ needs and wants in order to surpass guest satisfaction.
With trends in the hospitality industry changing constantly, it’s essential for hoteliers to stay current in everything from technology to design to new forms of communication. Adapting to these changes can make or break a business. The needs of guests are always evolving. For example, guests are looking for an experience that mirrors their home life.”

To keep up with this trend, Homewood Suites is making an attempt to make the transition from home to hotel easier with its “Take Flight” program, a new design platform that allows owners to retrofit established properties with modern design elements and common areas in public spaces.

The Take Flight program focuses on three zones—the connect zone, the dining zone and the lounge zone—which create a new aesthetic in each area and introduces furniture and configurations that allow for either interaction or privacy. New brand standards also include outdoor kitchens and all-white bedding. These changes reflect the demand of guests to ensure they feel right at home.

Technology has also evolved greatly as guests are using more devices that ever before and expect hotels to adjust to this. By providing multiple plug-in ports and Wi-Fi, guest satisfaction is sure to improve.

Guests also use technology to share their hotel experiences with others, good and bad. If someone has had a negative experience at an establishment, they now have the ability to tell millions of people, which can hurt hoteliers who do not work to recover from this. However, those who respond quickly and appropriately have successful service recovery stories, which result in higher guest loyalty. Many travelers won’t even reserve a room somewhere until reading the online reviews first.

TownPlace Suites by Marriott established a system where guests can leave feedback about their stay and receive a genuine response from a team member.

In today’s society, urgency is a huge factor in everything – guests want responses quickly and efficiently. How are you adapting to the latest trends in the hospitality industry? For more tips to help your establishment run more efficiently, read entries from the Best Western MarketPlace Blog. Download and read our Enrollment Guide to learn about how the Best Western MarketPlace can improve your hotel.