More and more hotels are developing loyalty programs in order to ensure the satisfaction of those guests who keep coming back for more. By doing this, they are engaging their guests and motivating them to continue staying at that establishment and maybe even referring their friends and family to do the same.

Silver Sevens’ guests reap the benefits of their membership and, as a result, are more loyal to the hotel. The Silver Sevens “A-Play Club” program offers room discounts, cash back rewards and more.

The number of guests who are enrolling in loyalty programs is increasing, hitting a record high, despite the high costs to join. However, although the initial cost to enroll seems pricy, the best loyalty programs combine benefits that create loyalty without breaking the bank.

Effective programs offer an extensive network of hotels where guests can use their benefits. “A-Play Club” is Affinity Gaming’s national program; with half its casino network in Las Vegas, the rewards program works well with guests. These guests are signing up to earn instant benefits and then seek out other network hotels to leverage their membership.

To attract even higher guest loyalty and promote guest interaction, hotels are incorporating smartphones and social media into their loyalty programs. For example, Starwood recently partnered with Foursquare to offer members of the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program points, badges and rewards for their check-ins at participating hotels. Members who check in at Starwood locations may be anointed as the “SPG Mayor,” a title given by Starwood each month to the member with the most check-ins across all its properties. Duties of the SPG Mayor include sharing insider travel tips and destination hotspots with fellow travelers. By engaging guests, hotels can boost brand loyalty.
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