On average, hotel televisions have a lifespan of about five to six years, but is it possible to push this investment to last even longer in order to save money? One main reason hotel televisions need to be upgraded is because LCD panels rely on fluorescent light sources that can lead to technical difficulties, unlike modern alternatives.

It has been shown that newer television models with LED screens are more durable over time, however many hoteliers opt to purchase a replacement before their televisions begin to show reduced quality. The reason for this involves wanting the thinnest screens and highest picture quality. For those who would rather get the most use out of their hotel’s television rather than upgrading early, here are a few tips to maximize the lifespan of your televisions:

  1. Reduce heat. Phosphorescent bulbs found in ECD screens produce much more heat than LED models, which are backlit and use less power at cooler temperatures. These combined factors extend the life of a television.
  2. Turn it off. It’s important to keep the television off for as long as possible to keep it cool.
  3. Clean it up. Up-keep is essential when it comes to extending the lives of televisions. Be sure to clean around the vents and fans of the television to reduce dust buildup and prevent clogging in the cooling systems.
  4. Set timers. By implementing sleep timers and automatic shut-off features on your hotel’s televisions, you are able to reserve power by keeping them off when not in use, which greatly increases the life of the product.
  5. Keep track. By verifying if a room is occupied or if the guest has checked out of the room, you can take the opportunity to adjust the settings of the television  to lower the brightness and volume of the television, which translates into savings on equipment and energy in the long run.


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