CSM Bakery Solutions

(Breakfast, Bakery)

Associated Brands:

Cinnabon, Karp's, HC Brill, Multifoods, Henry & Henry, Westco

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Deviated pricing and / or rebates

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Stephanie Leonard, CSM Bakery Solutions

O | 925-391-5222

E | stephanie.leonard@csmbakerysolutions.com


CSM Bakery Solutions is the Best Western Marketplace preferred manufacturer for muffins, fillings, cookies, icings, glazes and toppings. Laminated products such as puff pastry, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and yeast rolls are also included. CSM Bakery Solutions provides the world of bakery with quality products, 125 years of trusted brands, culinary, sales, and marketing support to become your trusted advisor. Partnerships with customers—from bakeries, cafes and restaurants to grocery stores, wholesale retailers and industrial food manufacturers—are about working together to develop innovative solutions to challenges in baking and in business.

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The Complete Bakery Solution

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