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Jim Krebsbach, Jennie-O

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Jennie-O is the Best Western MarketPlace preferred manufacturer partner for turkey products.

The core components of the Jennie-O Program are a full range of Oven Roasted, Pan Roasted, All Natural, Smoked and Flavored Deli Breasts as well as raw roasting products such as Boneless Breast Roasts and Whole Boneless Turkeys for carving. Jennie-O also carries smoked turkey legs, an extended line of sliced turkey, turkey burgers, ground turkey, diced turkey, breakfast sausages and raw breast cutlets. Jennie-O is a recognized leader in turkey, and their products are backed by the most advanced food safety systems available in our segment that go well beyond industry requirements along with market leading Animal Welfare and Sustainability practices.

Programs & Specials

Jennie-O Breakfast

Jennie-O Cutting High Beef Costs

Jennie-O Deli

Jennie-O Raw Roasting

Jennie-O Sodium Solutions

Jennie-O Turkey Burgers

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