Koch Foods


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Koch, Applause (Acclaim, Accolade and Tribute for Stuffed Chicken, Crusted and Cornish Hens)

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Deviated Price / Rebate

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Jim Bovich


Koch Foods is the Best Western MarketPlace preferred partner for chicken products. The core products under the program include: Bone In Products; Breaded Boneless Breasts; Breaded Nuggets, Patties, Shapes and Fries; Raw Boneless Breasts; IF Chicken Breasts; IQF Chicken Breasts; Pulled, Diced and Fajita Meats; Tenderloins, Popcorn Boneless Wings and Strips; Fully Cooked Patties; Wings; and Gizzards and Livers.


How to get started: Please contact Jim Bovich if you need point of sale materials for your property.
How to Place an Order: All product orders should be placed through your primary distributor: Sysco, U.S. Foods, Food Services of America. Click here for a product listing, or type entegra.kochfoods.com/html/ in your web browser.

To access Koch’s Point of Sale Materials, visit www.kochfoods.com/html/customer_login and click on the “Haven’t registered yet? Click Here to register link”. Once you complete a short form and set up your own User ID and Password you will be able to access the full site.

For more details on Koch Chicken products, point-of-sale, and product merchandising, contact Jim Bovich at Jimbov@Kochfoods.com or 631-745-2720.

Placing an Order

Order products through your primary distributor