Room with gym equipment in the sport club

Hotels only have a limited amount of space, so any rooms that aren’t generating revenue won’t get the proper amount of attention. Because of this, designers often opt for smaller fitness areas that are in areas that are out of the way, like the basement.

However, with healthy lifestyles becoming increasingly important in the lives of travelers, hotels that do not have a gym or have an inadequate fitness center are missing out on potential bookings. Renovated fitness centers are giving many hoteliers the upper hand in the hospitality industry.

If a hotel doesn’t have a fitness center, they should either work out a deal with a nearby fitness center, or find a way to explain to guests why there isn’t a fitness center. Fitness centers are always in use, so they are a great hotel addition that can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Full-service segments tend to have larger, more upscale fitness centers, and the economy sector should take note. These hotels are choosing to sacrifice one to two rooms to create a larger, more luxurious, fitness centers. A fitness center is a huge selling point to current travellers who are looking to stay fit while on the go.

Hotel fitness center renovations should be dictated by a hotel’s local marketplace – if your regular guests are health conscious and regularly partake in some sort of physical fitness, then a fitness center would be a great addition to your establishment.

Having a large fitness center is not the main priority, but rather just having a fitness center at all. While fitness classes are popular in today’s society, classes do not work well in hotels. It’s difficult for a hotel to have a yoga class schedule because you don’t always know what kind of guests you will have in your hotel.

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