Hotels are transforming, offering new easy ways to please their guests and keep them coming back for more. From amped up social media to higher quality foods, trends in the hospitality industry are shifting to fit the changing tastes of hotel guests around the world. Take a look at these seven new trends that are taking place in the hospitality industry:

1. Developing great web sites. Hotels are working to increase bookings directly through their own websites because travelers today prefer to book online. Hoteliers are improving their websites with fresh content, rich media and new promotions on a regular basis.

2. Increased focus on content marketing. Brand awareness is key to reaching a wider audience – and content marketing is the best way to spread the word, rather than traditional advertising. It’s critical to obtain a strong online presence for content marketing. The most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach people quickly is through engaging blogs and social media tools, webinars, newsletters, e-books, and photo and video-sharing media. It’s clear that people would rather handle all facets of their travel online, so in order to have competitive advantage over other hotels in your region, it’s crucial to create fresh online content and hassle-free navigation for users.

3. Quality: Yes, it’s important to offer the right quality for the type of traveler you are targeting. There’s 300 thread count and 1000 thread count kind of guests. The emotional value of a trip is important to travelers. The cost of a trip has little meaning when the experience is so great – so keep your guests happy with the product quality they expect and offer them the kinds of amenities they want – it’ll give them a chance to splurge just a little bit more!

4. Quality food ingredients. People are becoming more health conscious and opting for more nutritious food options, so there’s a higher demand for good quality, organic ingredients and healthy food. Your job: meet those demands. By providing more nutritious foods for your guests, you’ll keep their attention and invite their referrals to their friends at home.

5. Social networking. The importance of social media in business cannot be stressed enough. If you want to attract travelers to your hotel, you’ll need to stay current on social media trends and make sure your website is always up-to-date. In today’s society, everyone uses social media to do research. They will visit sites to compare reviews before planning a trip to ensure they will have the best travelling experience possible, so a good online persona is key. Hoteliers should participate in review sites and respond to reviews that are posted – good or bad. It’s also important to frequently update blogs and provide testimonials from former guests. It is not enough to just have an account on various social media sites; you must be active on them also, responding to comments and keeping up guest satisfaction.

6. Mobile phones. Those who are on the go are more likely to access social media sites via mobile devices – hoteliers should capitalize on this. Make sure that all of your applications are mobile-friendly and easy to use.

7. Visual media. Video- and photo-sharing sites, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are great for travelers. People are sharing videos and photos constantly, allowing hoteliers the perfect opportunity to advertise their businesses.

As the trends of the hospitality industry change, it is just good business for hoteliers to be ready to change and launch new ways to communicate… in order to thrive and come out on top. The Best Western MarketPlace tracks these trends and remains in the know with the ever-changing needs of today’s hotel guests in order to help your hotel accomplish and maintain success. Visit our website to learn more about how your MarketPlace can help your property keep the loyalty of your current guest and invite referrals by upholding guest satisfaction with the right products and services.