Web And Seo Analytics Concept


There is a large amount of data about customers and their behavior, but how can you use this information to benefit your hotel? Here are a few suggestions:

Improve functionality

Metasearch is the fastest growing category for online travel, increasing by 4% annually and accelerating. However, online-travel-agency traffic has declined since 2007. Although, Priceline has accelerated growth, riding the success of Booking.com.

Consider investing in meta strategies, but be sure to measure return on investment appropriately.

Online travel agencies have been far ahead of hotels in mobile application success. As of the end of last year, seven of the nine largest hotel company apps didn’t have audiences large enough to be measured, meaning the users are less than 100,000 each. Meanwhile, Expedia has an app base of 4 million. Apps are great for online travel agencies because users want the ability to compare options.

Work on building up your hotel’s mobile app so that travelers choose to use that rather than an app of popular online travel agencies.

Marketing ROI

The first step to maximizing marketing ROI is deciding on goals. The goal can be ROI, exposure or retention – but that goal should determine what approaches to use: email, social media, pay per click, etc.

Once goals have been decided, Google Analytics can help set up a plan and analysts also can monitor conversion funnels for free on Google Analytics.

Tracking is crucial, and several free and simple tools, including Google-offered options, are available for tracking.

Segment everything rather than simply aggregating data. For example, looking at overall conversion rates on a site is not useful – it must be segmented based on goals. A segment might be travelers coming to the site on an Apple device in response to a particular campaign. It’s possible to see via tracking what other device has been used, which other companies have been browsed and where the person is located.

You must also consider when not to spend money, such as sending browsers to a landing page with a 90% bounce rate.

Gather the right data

Owners and asset managers are getting serious about distribution, rather than leaving it to brand and management companies.

While consumers are using new kinds of information all the time, hoteliers continue to use traditional sources of information. Hoteliers need to track activity in real time on booking engines, including lost business. New tools allow you to get insights into when to bring in online travel agencies, rather than waiting too late.

Real power comes through one-to-one connection with customers online. Constant social media monitoring, using the power of guest response and finding the link between online reviews and revenue enables those connections.

Embracing the power of guest sentiment involves turning analysis into action by using sophisticated tools that analyze language and other factors in social media and other content. Responding to these sentiments leads to better reviews, which leads to more revenue. Putting shareable content online increases the chance of customers sharing their own experiences with the rest of the world.

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