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With Facebook’s new Insights platform for businesses, you will now have access to data that shows just how likeable your brand is. Follow the following tips in order to get the most out of Facebook Insights and use it to better connect with your audience.

Follow your page’s weekly trends

The Overview section provides you with a quick look at Likes, Reach, and Engagement over the past week, as well as a log of your five most recent posts. Keeping up to date with your performance each week allows you to see trends as they form so that you can continue to capitalize on elements that create engagement, and fix what is causing any negative performance trends before they become a continuing issue.

Find out your optimal posting time

Rather than putting in a great deal of time researching the best times to post on Facebook, you can find this information tailored to your audience on Facebook’s Insights platform. You can plan your posting schedule around this data so that you are posting when your audience is most reachable. The data is based on recent usage data, so if your audience’s Facebook habits evolve, you can update your posting schedule to reflect those changes.

Customize your content for your audience

Every Facebook page’s audience is unique and will respond best to various post types. The Post Types tab of Facebook Insights, located under Posts, will show you what type of content your audience is responding to, as well as a post-by-post breakdown of recent posts. While it’s important to diversify your content, you should try to focus mainly on content that generates the most reach and engagement.

Don’t alienate your audience

Your Facebook Page can’t be everything to everyone, but it should have content that is generating more positive reactions than negative ones. The Reach tab on Facebook Insights shows you when you are reaching people and how they are reacting. You are able to see Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes in a graph right below Likes, Comments, and Shares. These are actions that have happened directly in response to your posts – so if you find an abundance of negative reactions, you should look up that day’s content and avoid similar items in the future.

Understand your fans

 Figure out the demographic of your fan base, as well as those who are viewing or engaging with your content, and those who are checking into your property. This information can be used to shape your content to fit your audience and to plan for Facebook campaigns. If you are seeing a demographic that is particularly engaged with your content or a demographic that is lacking on Facebook but is typically a strong market for your property, you can plan future campaigns to reach those users.

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