Breakfast With Croissants Cup Of Coffee And Fruits

It’s time to nix the outdated room service concept and embrace the next big trend: the market pantry.

Hotels often make a focus of theirs having a quality breakfast available, but some guests find themselves constantly on the go and unable to take time to sit down for a meal or even grab something from the buffet. In those cases, the perfect solution is providing a market pantry where on-the-go travelers can simply grab food and go.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Memphis Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee offers a free bag of breakfast food for all guests, consisting of an apple, bottle of water, a muffin, a breakfast bar and mints. Craig Marshall, GM of the property, will even add more to the bag if asked. This hotelier realizes the time constraints of guests with early meetings and the importance of starting off the day on a full stomach, so they make an effort to provide more convenience for travelers.

Although free options are great to offer, they aren’t necessary – simply having market-style eateries would be beneficial for both your property and for your guests. The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis has a Starbucks in its market, which is bringing in even more customers from a nearby parking garage that isn’t even owned by the hotel.

In 2012, The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis completed a renovation that expanded its small food station to a market that now has hot food options at breakfast, which led to tripled revenue. According to the hotel director of F&B, Jeff Johnson, there isn’t really a market where the grad-and-go options wouldn’t work.

No matter what region your hotel is in or what main guest profile you are serving, the convenience of a well supplied pantry market can improve guest loyalty and increase sales at your hotel. Selecting the right products to offer is the first step towards your hotel retail success. The Best Western Market Program offers a wide assortment of candy, snacks, remedies, health, and beauty care in order to increase your profitability and guest satisfaction. Visit our website to learn more about The Best Western Market.