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Bigelow Tea, Arizona Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

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Lisa Kermizis Abraham
International Marketing Systems, Ltd
Director National Accounts


Bigelow Tea is the Best Western  MarketPlace’s Preferred Partner for your Hot Tea Program. Bigelow Tea is America’s classic, family owned tea blender. Our national program covers features traditional and hot teas by Bigelow Tea. Great tasting tea for all areas of your facility. Bigelow Tea looks forward to partnering with your location in offering guests the best cup of tea possible. Guests can enjoy our English Teatime® as a morning wake-up tea or Cozy Chamomile for an evening relaxation tea.

About Bigelow Tea 

At Bigelow, we understand what it takes to satisfy tea drinkers. We also understand the products and brands you offer your guests make a profound statement about your consideration of their needs. When you offer them Bigelow Tea, you’re not just offering them a great cup of tea, but a product made by an American company, “steeped” in tradition and dedicated to excellence. We suggest a full flavored black (English Teatime®); two flavored blacks (Earl Grey, Lemon Lift, or Constant Comment®); a green tea; a flavored green tea (Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate); two herbals (Cozy Chamomile and Mint Medley) and a decaf (either Green or Black).

We focus on the 3 things: 

1. We blend a variety of traditional, surprisingly fun, and healthy ingredients. We never compromise on the taste. That’s why these recipes take our family years to perfect.

2. We believe in freshness, that is why we keep these special recipes carefully protected until they are ready to be enjoyed.

3. We make great tea accessible. We make it easy to find, easy to share, easy to understand, and easy to love.

Why it Matters 

Because we truly care about our consumers, our employees, and our community -They are the center of all we do.

Our straightforward approach has connected with tea drinkers across the country and has made us America’s #1 specialty tea company. Your guests deserve nothing less.


Placing an Order

Customer Service Support at 1-800-527-2105; and nationwide broker support on the local level.

Additional Information 

For more information about Bigelow Tea including distribution, please contact Embassy Suites Bigelow Tea Rep Lisa Kermizis Abraham 330.606.4117 To order tea chests please contact Frannie Leonard at 800.235.7072. ext. 1917 or

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