Michael’s Foods, Inc. (AKA Papetti’s HyGrade Egg Products, Inc. & M.G.)

(Breakfast, Dairy)

Associated Brands:

Michaels, Sysco Classic, Sysco Reliance, Papetti's, and all Distribution Center Labels, if Available.

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Deviated Price / Rebate

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Chris Hardy
Director of Sales, Hospitality and Lodging


Michael Foods is proud to be the Best Western preferred Processed Eggs and Fresh Refrigerated Potato products partner. The core components of Michael Foods’ program include Whole Eggs, Whole Egg Blends, Scramble Mixes, Fat & Cholesterol Free Egg Substitutes, Hard Cooked Eggs, IQF Egg Patties and Omelets in addition to a full line of Fresh Refrigerated Diced, Sliced, Shredded & Wedged potatoes and fully cooked Mashed potatoes in a variety of flavor profiles.

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