SCA Tissue North America LLC


Associated Brands:

SCA, Sysco Branded Products, Coronet, Mainstreet, Secon

Contract Type:

Deviated Price / Rebate

Contact Information:

Cameron Rutherford


SCA Tissue is proud to be a Best Western preferred partner. The core components of SCA Tissue’s program include Paper Towel, Tissue, Napkin and Dispensing Systems.


To order equipment, please complete the attached order request form.

XpressNap Information

Please Note: The two SCA contracted products that fit the SCA Xpressnap dispensers are Product Codes DX900 and DX906E. Please add both of these products to your order guide.

Xpressnap dispensers are available from your local distribution house. The dispensers will be shipped directly from your local distribution house with your normal SCA paper products. When ordering these dispensers from your distributors, please use the manufacturer item code – identified on the files above – that corresponds to the model you would like to order.

Please be aware that not all SCA Xpressnap ordering dispensers are stocked at each distributor and that it may take up to 2 weeks to get your requested dispenser delivered to your unit. Also, dispensers from Sysco will actually be priced at $.01 each as they must assign a cost to each item shipped.

Placing an Order

Order products through your primary distributor

Product Guides

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SCA Tork Dispenser Order Form

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