Ventura Foods

(Grocery, Dairy)

Associated Brands:

Dairy – Margarine / Spread: Gold-N-Sweet, Pride, Smart Balance, Sunnyland
Condiments: Trailhand BBQ, Ventura
Dressing: Hidden Valley, Newman's Own, Ventura and Sysco Brands
Grocery - Oils & Shortenings / Pan Coatings and Sprays: Ventura
Ventura Foods also packs under the Sysco private labels.

Contract Type:

Deviated pricing and / or rebates

Contact Information:

Kevin Murga



Ventura Foods is the Best Western MarketPlace Program Preferred Manufacturer Partner for Margarines, Butter Substitutes, Salad Dressings and Mayo.  The Ventura program offers deviated pricing and / or rebates on Smart Balance, SunGlow, Hidden Valley, Newman’s and Sysco private label brands.

Ventura Foods is dedicated to the success of our foodservice customers by reliably supplying them with quality products and services that support their business growth and promote marketplace innovation.

Ventura Foods is committed to add value to every product we make and sell. Our menu planning ideas, special promotions, Healthy Innovations, Ventura’s Trans Fat Free Kitchen™ and other branded programs help to keep your business healthy and your customers satisfied, every day of the year.

Placing an Order

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