Hand Holding A Social Media 3D Sphere


Because of the increasing popularity of social media, marketers are getting more involved in structuring and measuring social campaigns at the hotel property level.

Audience engagement is the key social metric. A hotel’s No. 1 goal with its online presence is to increase bookings, so visibility is important, particularly through search engines like Google. While the internal formulas Google uses to determine how search results are delivered change all of the time, marketers know that a property’s social media presence does in fact influence its performance on search engines. Social media mentions actually do influence the Google Algorithm – this means that the more likes, comments, retweets and favorites your posts have, the higher visibility your hotel will have on Google.

Because of this, marketers are designing social media campaigns for hotels that cover everything in order to engage a specific audience and increase bookings. Many hoteliers still don’t believe that a social media campaign can increase direct revenue, but like any other campaign, social campaigns have a run period and goals we need to achieve.”

Check out these current social marketing trends and examples:

Prioritize by channel

While it is important to have an active presence on social media, you must first consider where your guests are. Facebook and Twitter are by far the most popular social media sites, but there are also some other smaller sites that require less maintenance. If you are a hotel that books more guests for meetings, you should be on LinkedIn, however if you receive more wedding guests, then Instagram and Pinterest will be your best bet.

You must think of your audience on social channels as more than just guests. Consider all segments of your customers, from guests to meeting planners, and create a social presence accordingly. You may have a Twitter account for consumer guests and you maybe another for travel writers, bloggers and travel agents.

Know your voice

Regardless of channel you must have a consistent voice that reflects your hotel’s personality and identity. Remember to stay true to your brand – don’t try to be trendy and edgy just because you’re on Facebook if it doesn’t fit your personality. Take some time to establish your hotel’s personality before implementing it online.

Draw in your audience

The most effective way to encourage engagement is to draw the audience in directly by asking for their content. Don’t assume that you know exactly what your guests want – ask them for feedback. You want guests experience great things at your hotel and sharing it with the rest of the world. Then you can source your content through what is being posted by your guests.

You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the social media environment- the best way to approach it is by creating a simple, well-thought out campaign. The Best Western MarketPlace is your source for the latest news, trends, and tips of the hospitality industry. Visit our website to learn more about the Best Western MarketPlace and how it can benefit your hotel.